With operations on five continents and employees from more than 70 different countries, Eramet is an inherently diverse group. We are convinced that this diversity of talents and skills is an asset and we are actively engaged in recruiting the talented people who will be crucial to our success in the future, regardless of their gender, disability, age, social or cultural origin or sexual orientation. We are committed to offering all employees the support and development opportunities they need throughout their careers.

Anne-Marie le Maignan
Executive Vice President
Human Resources, Health & Security

Of all the elements that go to make up Eramet’s strength, our employees are our single most precious asset. Thanks to their commitment and expertise, they help make the Group a major force in the mining and metallurgical industry, which is playing such a vital role in the ecological transition.

To meet these challenges, we have forged an ambitious HR strategy designed to recruit and retain the best talent. It is based on skills development, diversified career paths, quality of life at work and attractive compensation packages. 

Particular emphasis is placed on diversity and inclusion, which are key performance drivers at Eramet; for instance, our goal is to have 30% of our managerial positions held by women by 2023.

Female teams, a key to success

To reach the target of having 30% of our managerial positions filled by women by 2030 (compared with 25% in 2021), as set out in our CSR road map, we have moved to include at least one woman in each recruitment shortlist, to provide the necessary training, and to set up female people reviews across all the Group’s businesses and at all levels of the organizatio

Christel Bories
PDG d’Eramet

Yes, women can have a career in this industry! We are determined to shake things up at Eramet.

WoMen@eramet: our teams, the best ambassadors for gender diversity

Founded in 2019, this internal network is made up of more than 250 female — and male — employees from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, all of whom are committed to promoting gender diversity within teams, a case in point being the in-house campaign “Break down stereotypes” devised by the network. They also provide coaching and mentoring to women who may need extra guidance and help in developing the skills necessary to further their careers.

An employer of choice for young people

So, mining and metallurgy is an industry that suffers from an outmoded image? Well, try telling that to the trainees and work-study students who voted Eramet one of the top 10 companies on the international Happy Trainees index. Eramet is a great place for young trainees: by entrusting them with stimulating assignments that enable them to play their part in achieving the Group’s goals while at the same developing their skills, we seek to give them every opportunity to chart their careers under optimum conditions. Eramet is also involved in the “1 young person, 1 mentor” scheme launched by the French government. The aim of the scheme is to provide one-to-one support to young people aged 18 to 26 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, in order to help them develop their future careers. Many of the Group’s employees, including our CEO and the Executive Committee, are participating in this initiative, which illustrates Eramet’s societal commitment.

People with disabilities at Eramet:
valuing each and every employee

80% of disabilities are invisible. Nevertheless, raising awareness about disability promotes improved integration and ensures that our employees receive the support the require, particularly in the workplace. To help change attitudes and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Group, Eramet is participating in the European Disability Employment Week and the Duo Day initiative which was launched in France in 2016.

Diversity and inclusion: Eramet’s commitment