Since 2014, the Les Margaret Prize, set up by JFD – a women’s innovation movement working for a fair representation of women in the digital world – has been rewarding four women each year whose innovative digital projects address the major challenges facing our society: one female entrepreneur from Europe, one female entrepreneur from Africa, one female intrapreneur from Europe and one female intrapreneur from Africa. In addition to the prestige of the Prize, the winners receive funding, media visibility and training.

This year, the jury included Virginie de Chassey, Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Commitment at Eramet, and Léod-Paul Batolo, Director and CEO of Comilog. Christel Bories, Chairman and CEO of Eramet, took part in the award ceremony.

The Margaret 2023 Prize Winners:

Margaret Entrepreneur Europe and Africa

  • Maryne Cotty-Eslous, Co-founder and CEO of Lucine (France)
  • Nelly Chatué-Diop, Co-founder & CEO of EJARA (Cameroon)

Margaret Intrapreneur Europe and Africa

  • Hakima Berdouz, Research Engineer at CEA, in charge of the HOPE intrapreneurship project (France)
  • Rhoda Oduro, Development & Operations Manager of Developers in Vogue (Ghana)

Supporting the socio-economic development of women in Africa is one of Eramet’s priorities. In Gabon in particular, the Group leads a lot of initiatives to promote women’s entrepreneurship in partnership with Women in Africa; to promote the inclusion of women in the digital sector; to support the education of young girls and to promote women’s health.

Congratulations to the winners of the Margaret 2023 award who, through their work and their ambition, are actively participating in the international influence of women in business!