Integrity Line

This whistleblower system is available in all 20 countries where the Group operates, in thirteen languages. It guarantees protection, anonymity and full confidentiality to all whistleblowers, as defined under the law.

If you are a victim of or witness to non-ethical behavior, such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, or human rights violations, let us know by clicking HERE.

Our Compliance Program

To assist our employees, the Group has set up a Compliance Program comprising three main components: an ethical governance and its dedicated organization, regularly updated reference materials, and an array of tools, including a whistleblower system.

Every day, Eramet’s Ethics & Compliance Department ensures that laws, regulations and standards are followed within the Group. This dedicated organization operates in close collaboration with several key departments: the Audit and Internal Control Department, the Legal Department, and the Communication and Sustainable Development Department.

To provide the most effective support to employees, we engage as closely as possible with frontline stakeholders, in order to train and educate employees on frequently complex subjects.

The Ethics & Compliance Department depends on a network, including:

  • 17 Ethics & Compliance Managers, appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • 55 Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors appointed by the Ethics & Compliance Director, after consultation with the relevant Ethics & Compliance Manager.

Eramet uses mandatory e-learning modules and in-person training programs on every site to instill an ethical culture among all of its employees. A whistleblower system has been set up so that any stakeholders who are victims of or witnesses to non-ethical behavior can alert the Group’s top-level senior management.

All Eramet employees are required to follow Compliance Program procedures and reference materials, and are expected to perform their daily duties with the utmost integrity. Anyone who violates legal and regulatory requirements or fails to comply with these materials may face disciplinary sanction.

The Group’s reference materials comply with international standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.

These materials include the Group’s Ethics Charter—a foundational document—the Anti-Corruption Policy, the Anti-Corruption Guide of conduct, along with an array of specific procedures (the Gifts and Hospitality Policy, the Conflicts of Interest Policy, etc.). This normative framework reflects Eramet’s commitment to maintaining and strengthening its business integrity in everything that it does, wherever it operates. A number of practical examples and case studies are included to help employees identify non-ethical behaviors and adopt good practices on a daily basis in their activities.

The standards are accessible to all employees and stakeholders worldwide via the Group’s website and intranet.  They are available in the Group’s twelve main languages HERE and are regularly updated.

A Professional alert system, accessible to all employees, but also to external stakeholders, has been deployed.. It allows them to report ethical problems, including instances of discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, as well as any violations of human rights, as defined under the law. Available worldwide in the thirteen main languages spoken in the Group, the service is outsourced to ensure full transparency, confidentiality and protection for whistleblowers.

 site web :

If you are a victim of or witness to non-ethical behavior, such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, or human rights violations, let us know by clicking HERE.

Via the website:

  • Argentina: 00541152380589
  • Australia: 0061251043313
  • Brazil: 00556140427525
  • China: 0086 2180246103
  • France: 0033187211070
  • Gabon: 00241 11665050
  • Germany: 004921666843250
  • India: 00911171279597
  • Indonesia: 00622150933786
  • Japan: 0081345711172
  • Norway: 004735697804
  • New Caledonia: 00687 24 5800
  • Senegal: 00221 32 824 2828
  • South Korea: 0082 220236535
  • Sweden: 0046812411672
  • Taiwan: 00886277039462
  • United Kingdom: 00442038850010
  • USA: 0019733520037

Ethics & Compliance Department

  • Arnaud DOUVILLE – Group Ethics & Compliance Director
  • Célia CHIAKH – Ethics & Compliance Officer
  • Annaëlle LE FLOCH – Junior Ethics & Compliance Officer
  • Xavier HOUILLON – Anti-Fraud Officer

Compliance Network

  • Nicholas FELL (USA)
  • Rolf Tore VALSKAAR (Norway – Eramet Norway)
  • Mathieu COUSIN (Gabon – Setrag)
  • Pascale JEANJEAN (New-Caledonia – SLN)
  • Makhtar SY (Senegal – GCO)
  • Manel STAMBOULI (Eramet International)
  • Landry ONTOUA (Gabon – DFIP)
  • Nadia NGALANI (Gabon – Comilog)
  • Maria-Caroline BOISTAY CARO (New exploration countries)
  • Vincent MAUREL (Cameroun – Eracam)
  • Arinta HANDINI (Weda Bay – Indonesia)
  • Sabrina CEJAS (Argentina – Salta)