Eramet has just published its Integrated Report 2023, a 40-page summary document that provides an overview of the Group’s activities, presents its strategic priorities and commitments, as well as its financial and non-financial results.

The integrated approach of this report, the fruit of collaboration between several Group departments (Finance, Strategy, CSR, HR, Risk Management and Communications), offers a global vision of the Group and demonstrates the extent to which financial performance and CSR performance are now inseparable in creating value for the benefit of all Eramet’s stakeholders.

This document, directly inspired by the reference framework defined by the International Integrated Reporting Council, is both included in the Universal Registration Document and available as an independent publication, in French and English.

You’ll find an editorial by Christel Bories, the Group’s CEO; an analysis of our trends and opportunities; a presentation of our strategy and our new CSR roadmap; and a full chapter on our activities, products, innovations, CSR initiatives and outlook…

We also invite you to discover some new content:

  • The 5 years that changed the face of Eramet: a retrospective of the Group’s transformation in figures and images
  • Our value chain explained in an infographic
  • “The New Face of Mining“, our new employer brand campaign
  • And a completely redesigned “Activities” chapter to help you (re)discover Eramet’s expertise and CSR contributions!