Finalized in 2018, the IRMA Standard establishes an international standard to assess the performance of operating mines from a social and environmental point of view. This standard was developed over a ten-year period through a public consultation process involving more than 100 entities and various organizations, including mining companies, customers and downstream end-users of mining products, NGOs, unions and communities.

Equal stakeholder governance (NGOs, international trade unions, buyers, host communities, representatives of the financial sector and mining companies) sets IRMA apart from industry-run standards, helps ensure its legitimacy, and guarantees the high level of requirement of the standard as well as the transparency of the mine assessment process.

For several years, Eramet has been committed to a voluntary approach to progress that puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy and activities. It is reflected in its corporate purpose: To become a reference in the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources, for ‘living well’ together. The launch of this external audit marks another important step in the Group’s approach. The IRMA Standard’s criteria cover all the aspects retained by Eramet in its CSR roadmap in terms of occupational safety, community relations, environmental protection, human rights and governance.

In committing to an IRMA assessment of our GCO operations, Eramet welcomes feedback from stakeholders and encourages broad engagement of community members, workers, NGOs, our customers, investors and others. Through this increased dialogue we hope to better understand areas where we can further improve performance. Once the assessment process begins, contact information for the audit firm will be made available on IRMA’s website and any interested stakeholder may sign up to share perspectives or ask to be added to an update list.

After this first external audit in Senegal, Eramet aims to engage all its mining sites in this independent verification process by 2027.

Virginie de Chassey
Chief Sustainability Officer

Creating the conditions for sustainable performance requires a rigorous approach that meets the strictest international standards. By choosing IRMA, we want to be demanding and transparent in all the ecosystems in which we operate.