An organization committed to people

From employees to local communities, everyone directly or indirectly affected by Eramet's activities is entitled to benefit from our growth. 

To crystallize this major ambition, five commitments have been made as part of the Group's CSR roadmap.

1. Ensure the health and safety of employees and subcontractors

Guaranteeing every possible safety condition is a key prerequisite. To eliminate all dangerous practices, a host of concrete measures have been taken at both a Group level and in the subsidiaries, including omnipresence in the field (over 2,000 trained managers), the implementation of new safety tools and habits, training, etc. 

2023 objectives: reduce the number of deaths to zero and halve the number of accidents with or without lost time (FR2 < 4) 

2. Enhance skills, promote talents and career development

Internal mobility, online training courses, validation of prior experience... a Group is only as strong as its talents. This conviction is at the origin of the implementation of a training policy that is constantly adapted to the company's strategy and to the reality of the job market. People reviews are also used to regularly assess the performance of Group employees at all levels of the organization.

2023 objective: ensure that all employees take training during the year

3. Strengthen employee engagement

Eramet's employees have inherited a history spanning over 140 years, and are now focused on the key challenges of the 21st century. The Group and its subsidiaries are conducting multiple actions to strengthen employees' commitment and their desire for collective success: regular communication of the Group's long-term strategic vision to all employees, engagement surveys, attractive compensation packages, actions to promote diversity and inclusion, and particular attention given to managers’ engagement.

2023 objective: achieve a commitment level of over 75%

4. Incorporate and foster diversity as a valuable contribution

Eramet is one of the few industrial groups with a female leader. Despite being an excellent achievement, more needs to be done: from creating an internal mixed network (WoMen@eramet) to including at least one woman on each recruitment shortlist and implementing female people reviews, significant measures have been conducted on this topic.

Note: our gender equality indexes improved.

2023 objective: achieve more than 30% female managers.

5. Be a valued and contributing partner to our host communities

Implementing and sharing best practices with communities and developing community engagement programs are the field actions that improve the daily lives of people nearby our sites.

2023 objective: implement at all operational sites (mines and plants) a mechanism for dialog with stakeholders, as well as a community investment program, targeting youth in particular.