Our CSR objectives

Determined to achieve a marriage of performance and responsibility, Eramet does not view itself as a for-profit organization: the Group has set itself the goal of being a committed and socially aware partner that contributes to the well-being of populations, its environment and the planet.

An action plan: the CSR roadmap

To crystallize its ambitions, in 2018 the Group implemented a societal commitment agenda that establishes a direct link between CSR priorities and strategic guidelines. This "CSR roadmap" is structured around three core components, bringing together a total of 13 specific objectives to achieve by 2023:

  • Commit to people, including on health, safety, dialog and quality of life. The deployment of our activities needs to facilitate the growth of both the Group's employees and local communities.
  • Responsible business: compliance & ethics, human rights, responsible value chain, development of the metals of the energy transition, circular economy.
  • Make a positive contribution to the planet: on its various sites around the world, Eramet takes action to cut its air emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to restore the sites where the Group and its mining subsidiaries operate.

The company is involved in meeting these commitments right up to the very highest levels of management. The Communication, Sustainable Development, Human Resources, Health, Security and Safety Directors oversee the achievement of multi-year objectives and associated action plans. These are also closely monitored by the Board of Directors and the Group's Executive Committee during half-yearly reviews. 

All of Eramet's Divisions and operating entities contribute to the implementation of the CSR roadmap. Several working groups and thematic committees are responsible for overseeing their efforts, including CSR, biodiversity, mining environment, responsible purchasing and sales, human rights and ethics.

Stakeholders: protagonists and partners

Eramet and its subsidiaries are established in over 20 countries around the world. This wide-ranging activity, from ore extraction to producing parts, means the Group is involved with a large variety of stakeholders, both internally and externally.

RSE INDEX OF 104 2021

To ensure that its objectives are met, Eramet has opted for a very practical approach. This is why we have set up a CSR performance index which, on a yearly basis, measures the overall average progress of the roadmap with regard to the various actions. With a CSR road map performance index of 104 in 2021, the Group is ahead of schedule with regard to several commitments, such as reducing its carbon footprint and recovering its production waste.