Manganese, one of the most used metals in the world

Via its subsidiary Comilog, Eramet operates the Moanda mine in southeastern Gabon’s Haut-Ogooué province. The Group is now the world's first largest producer of manganese high grade ore, which is mainly used in steel for the construction and automotive end markets, but also in chemicals for niche applications such as batteries and pigments.

Owing to its Moanda mine in Gabon, Eramet is the world's first largest producer of high-grade manganese ore and the world's leading producer of refined manganese alloys. Operated by Comilog, a Group subsidiary for almost 60 years, the group is specialized in the extraction, processing and transformation of this metal. With 25% of the world's manganese reserves, Moanda is one of the largest high-grade ore deposits in the world.

From protecting the environment and biodiversity to constructing social infrastructures (housing, hospitals, maternity wards, schools, restaurants) and training the younger generations, Comilog also works on a daily basis in partnership with the local authorities and communities.

What is manganese used for?

 Site d'extraction du manganèse

Manganese (symbol Mn) is the fourth-most-used metal in the world (after iron, aluminum and copper). When transformed into manganese alloys, it is used in metallurgical applications such as the manufacturing of carbon steel. Manganese hardens and deoxidizes steel. Main final applications are for the construction (beams, body sheet metal, pipeline tubes, etc.) and automotive sectors. Under different forms, it may be used in chemical applications such as electric vehicle batteries, ceramics and even animal feed..

Key figures

No. 1 producer of refined manganese alloys worldwide

No. 1 producer of high-grade manganese ore worldwide

6.5 MT of manganese ore exported in 2021

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Manganese ore

Manganese alloys

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