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Becoming a part of Eramet today means letting your talent burn brighter. Like the world around it, our company is changing—quickly. Each day, with our staff of 12,700 in 20 different countries, we find new solutions to meet the industrial, technical, and environmental challenges of our time. Our new ambitions offer our employees unique perspectives through a variety of innovative careers often pursued abroad: from world-class exploitation of deposits and innovation to the production of high performance alloys and site rehabilitation.

Their talent burns brighter at Eramet!

Portrait of Christel Bories, Eramet Group's CEO

Christel BORIES

CEO of the Eramet Group

As a key figure in the energy transition, the mining and metallurgical sector is an industry to watch out for, with an essential role to play in our society. Eramet is a group with a lot of potential. We've managed to initiate a top-to-bottom transformation of the entire company at all levels, managerial, strategic, digital. All of this enables us to offer exciting opportunities to the employees who join us.

You won’t find more intense assignments

When you join the staff of a global leader in mining and high-performance metallurgy, be prepared for intense assignments tackling unique challenges.

View of a mine of SLN, an Eramet Group's subsidiary in New Caledonia

Building the mining and metallurgic industry of tomorrow

At a time when the need for raw materials is constantly growing and an energy transition is essential, Eramet is uniquely positioned, working as it does to create sustainable value within the mining and metallurgic industry. Eramet team members rise to these challenges daily. They are ever optimizing industrial processes through digital technology and innovation, with the overarching aim of engendering performance with a positive impact on our world by placing corporate social responsibility at the core of our business model.

View of drilling operations for Eramet Group's Lithium project in Argentina

Tap into today’s resources while developing those of the future

As a new team member, you will be contributing to the extraction of world-class deposits. Our engineers and teams in the field work together to develop extractive metallurgic processes that are increasingly more effective and environmentally responsible.  At Eramet, you’ll be personally invested in meeting the challenges of the energy transition. Our company is active in the extraction of lithium, cobalt, and nickel—metals critical to the design of the smartphone batteries and electric vehicles we use every day.

View of controlling operations in the Eramet Group's Alloys Division

Metallurgic activities that look to the future

The industry of the future joins know-how with cutting-edge technology. We are involved in the production of world-renowned alloys, the transformation of metals, with a focus on recycling raw materials.  In pursuing a career at Eramet, you will help supply materials for the most demanding industries, including aerospace and energy.

Ready to join?!

Eramet is built on its staff. A taste for challenge and a passion for innovation are at the heart of what we do every day. That’s why we are looking for talented individuals eager to invest themselves in their assignments while demonstrating agility and autonomy. These are the qualities we are looking for in you:

Taste for adventure, Leadership, Curiosity, Flexibility, Passion

Denis, Hydrometallurgy Research Engineer at Eramet

Latyr, Operational Excellence Manager at Eramet

Loraine, Public Affairs Analyst at Eramet

Soline, Project Manager structure in aeronautics at Eramet