Working with Eramet

Upholding ethics and CSR principles, devising innovations for future markets, collaborating and working on an international level, seeking performance... By becoming a partner of the Eramet group, you're creating lasting value within a win-win relationship.

Our Purchasing apparatus is designed to actively support the Group's performance. This approach rests on three major pillars:

  • Applying our CSR policy. One of our main criteria for choosing suppliers is their ability to create lasting value for the Group and each of its entities, in accordance with our CSR roadmap. 
  • Developing innovation. Through its in-depth knowledge of the market and its various players, Purchasing strives to bring our company the most pertinent innovations offered by suppliers. 
  • Working in synergy with the Group's Divisions and Departments. Our purchasing policy is a critical instrument for standardizing our practices and improving our overall performance.

Infographics of Eramet purchasing vision for the next 5 years

Portrait of Séverine Schumacher, Eramet Group's Chief Purchasing Officer


Eramet Group's Chief Purchasing Officer

The Eramet Purchasing Department, and the entire purchasing apparatus more generally, have one clear mission: to find the best suppliers. 

Who are the best partners for Eramet? The ones who, above all else, are able to meet our industrial and organizational needs with precision, while upholding the ethical and CSR principles promoted by our Group. Another essential factor is the ability of sub-contractors and suppliers to meet all of our standards and work under impeccable safety conditions, on all of our sites around the world.

Our day-to-day relations with suppliers are characterized by the constant pursuit of operational performance. In concrete terms, this means devising new solutions to achieve smoother relations, developing new products and services, and adopting the most pertinent innovations offered by our suppliers.

To ensure better relations with our partners, we rely on an organization that cuts across different purchasing categories (lead buying) and geographic regions (hubs and local Purchasing Departments).

This approach allows us to achieve our common objective: to create lasting value for Eramet, as well as for each of our suppliers."

Supplier Testimony: Eramet and Kemostål Process Technology, a relationship based on trust

Swedish company Kemostål Process Technology (KPT) offers customized solutions for booster and compressor packages worldwide and is a supplier to Eramet Norway, a subsidiary of the Eramet Group in Norway.

Lars Klingström, Managing Director of KPT, talks about the benefits of his company's collaboration with the Eramet Group.