Eramet Indonesia : Almost two decades of investment in Indonesia

Eramet and BASF are developing an hydrometallurgical plant in Halmahera. The project is meant to process nickel and cobalt, which are essential materials for the manufacture of batteries used in electric vehicles.

Eramet has been present in Indonesia for more than 17 years through its participation in PT Weda Bay Nickel, Halmahera.

The activities of Eramet in Indonesia are mainly nickel and ferronickel production with PT Weda Bay Nickel (Eramet is a 43% shareholder and Tsingshan 57% in Strands Mineral. Strands Mineral owns 90% and PT Antam 10% of PT Weda Bay Nickel).

Eramet oversees the mining operations of the Weda Bay Nickel mine and Tsingshan operates the plant, as well as the infrastructure required for production.

The resources of the Weda Bay Nickel deposit are currently recorded at 12.2 million tonnes of nickel (average content in nickel of 1.48%). A part of it is limonite, a product that perfectly suits Eramet’s developments in the region.

Because Eramet has confidence in Indonesia’s potential, the Group is partnering with BASF, a Germany-based major industrial producer, to plan the development of an HPAL complex in the area, to process nickel and cobalt which are essential materials for the manufacturing of batteries used in electric vehicles.

Beyond that, Eramet continues to seek further potential by exploring minerals in the archipelago so it can propose more of its expertise, to help meet both the strategic objectives of Indonesia in the mining industry and those of Eramet, i.e., being a responsible champion of the new age of metals.

We strongly believe we have a role to play in the energy transition, by meeting the demand of vital resources for development, which is why we have strategically positioned ourselves and strive for a responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources, for living well together. Eramet is complying with the Best Practices of Responsible Mining and its mines are ready to be audited under the IRMA standard.

Eramet Indonesia Mining

Geoff Streeton

Director of Strategy, Innovation and Business Development

With high-potential deposits and unique metallurgical know-how, Eramet is well-positioned to supply the critical metals needed for the energy transition. This partnership with BASF for the production of a nickel and cobalt intermediate product in Indonesia is an excellent opportunity that is in line with our ambition to provide a reliable and responsible supply to the electric vehicle battery industry

Eramet’s journey in Indonesia

The beginning

  • 2006: Eramet started to invest in nickel exploration in Halmahera, North Maluku, with the acquisition of Strand Minerals as well as technical studies to process nickel ore through PT Weda Bay Nickel, in partnership with PT Antam, Indonesia’s state-owned companies in the mining sector.


The development

  • 2017: Eramet signed a joint venture with Tsingshan, for a partnership in Strand Minerals towards the ownership of PT WBN. Following this new partnership, PT WBN entered the construction phase.
  • 2020: In April, PT WBN commissioned the mine and plant in the industrial park of PT IWIP, which is fully managed by Tsingshan.


The path forward

  • 2022: Eramet and BASF are developing a plan for a hydrometallurgical plant in Halmahera, named Sonic Bay. The project is meant to process nickel and cobalt, which are essential materials for the manufacture of batteries used in electric vehicles.
  • 2022: Eramet launched its exploration project in Indonesia with PT Eramet Indonesia Mining.


3 key figures in 2022

  • 16 million tons of ore extracted

  • 40.000 tons Nickel ferroalloys

  • A nickel-cobalt project for Electric Vehicle batteries in preparation