From metals and alloys of the future to innovative processes, performance management and new collaborative ways of working, Eramet is reinventing itself. Driven by an ambitious vision and an all-encompassing transformation strategy, a new organisational structure is being rolled out that is agile, open to the world, responsible and creates sustainable value.

Our Goals

  • Develop a selective portfolio of value-adding mining and metallurgy operations.

  • Be among the best in each of our activities in terms of performance in profitability and innovation.

  • Be a company that's renowned for its strategic approach, management system and social responsibility.

Christel Bories, Eramet Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Christel BORIES

Eramet Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Our goal is to continually drive value creation in all of our activities by being more agile, more effective and focused on areas where we will make a difference.

Our vision of Eramet in 2023

Backed by a new model that is both agile and robust, and supported by the confidence of its investors, Eramet's notable ambition is to become a leading mining and metallurgy group that is respectful of its environment and makes a positive contribution to the areas in which it operates. We will create this sustainable performance through our strategic investments in sectors of the future and through the quality and strength of our teams around the world, delivering operational excellence, innovation capability, an entrepreneurial spirit, openness and pragmatism. As a business partner of choice, we also strive to be seen as a home for best talents that enables every individual to reach their full potential.

  • Sustainable value creator
  • Business partner of choice
  • Committed & contributive corporate citizen
  • Home for best talents
  • Entrepreneur

A comprehensive transformation process

We've embarked on a strategic and managerial transformation. The goal is to unleash energies, restore competitiveness in a changing environment and sustainably create value for all stakeholders. The digital transformation, which straddles all of our activities, is a key driver of this dynamic.

  • Threefold strategic development:  restore and reposition our least effective assets; achieve growth in our attractive businesses and expand our portfolio in metals for the energy transition.
  • An exhaustive support across all levels of the value chain new organisational structures; new management methods; and new ways of working.

Digital support across all levels of the value chain : connect geology to the economy; optimise processes through artificial intelligence (AI) and ensure the traceability and quality of our products.

Christel BORIES

Eramet Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Digital is a powerful driver of growth and performance, an opportunity to do things better and differently.

Today, Eramet is:

A major player in metal extraction and recycling, as well as in the development and transformation of high-performance alloys. We have world-class deposits and leading positions in each of our businesses.


in revenue




in 20 countries


in innovation



R&D employees