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Active in over 20 countries, Eramet is taking action to protect the world around it. But our ambition reaches beyond this: we want to have a positive impact on local populations and local areas.


Mining and metallurgy activity has a direct impact on biodiversity. Given this situation, the first conservation actions were launched on the Group's sites in the 1970s. The topic is now one of Eramet's CSR priorities.


Eramet has decided to ensure its efforts are aligned with and promote international commitments set up by the United Nations: the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Eramet Group's CSR brochure

Non-financial ratings

Eramet Group's non financial ratings

The Group monitors its CSR performance

In 2018, Eramet presented its CSR roadmap with 13 objectives to be achieved by 2023. Safety, diversity, responsible economy, ethics and human rights, rehabilitation: these are all areas in which Eramet has been making progress for four years.

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Heading to 2023

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To crystallize our ambitions, we implemented a societal commitment agenda that is structured around three core components, bringing together a total of 13 specific objectives to achieve by 2023.

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Setting up an extensive collaboration at every stage of our projects is a key factor in their success.

CSR Contact

  • Marie-Axelle Gautier
    Marie-Axelle Gautier

    Director of Societal Impact and Human Rights

CSR News

  • Eramet accelerates its CSR commitment with the launch of its first audit within the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance system

    May 11, 2023 - pdf, 123.56 KB

  • PRESS KIT - Eramet makes its way towards responsible mining

    May 10, 2023 - pdf, 4 MB