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The world change

The future is being built before our very eyes, faster than we can imagine.
From the augmented human to green mobility, smart interfaces and hyperconnected cities, the digital revolution is changing how society operates, while artificial intelligence is opening up infinite horizons. At the same time, humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge in its history: to succeed in an essential energy transition. To transform, industry needs increasingly advanced raw materials. These natural resources are vital and we need to learn to use them even more responsibly.

At Eramet, we've decided to tackle these huge challenges head-on.
We're developing innovative processes, working on major projects and learning to bring together industrial activity and respect for our planet. Through our civic engagement, we are contributing to the development of our employees and communities alike. With an entrepreneurial spirit, openness and pragmatism, a new momentum is transforming our Group across the world. The paramount driving force is to develop sustainable and value-adding performance.

Eramet is reinventing itself and wishes to create a world that's unspoilt and benefits the community at large.

Christel BORIES

CEO of the Eramet Group

Our Group needed a new leap forward. I've launched a new strategic roadmap and a comprehensive managerial transformation, positioning our operational performance and responsible business commitment at the very heart of our challenges. We're adjusting our organisational structures and changing how we work. Through this, we will achieve growth in the metals involved in the energy transition and develop a select portfolio of value-adding mining and metallurgy operations.


Tomorrow's leader

From mining to products for cutting-edge industries, Eramet is active across all areas of extractive metallurgy, including development and the transformation of high value-added alloys. We're involved at every stage of the life of metals through these world-class assets.

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20 October 2020

Christian Magni appointed CEO of Setrag


19 October 2020

Eramet: Purchase of own shares – Detailed information (week of 12th October 2020)