Working towards a more sustainable world: this is the most pressing challenge facing humanity and one that the current pandemic is only reinforcing. To meet these challenges, because metals are essential, our industries have a major role to play - both here and now, and for future generations. This means successfully implementing a vital energy and ecological transition, which entails continually striving to use our natural resources more responsibly.

We have made this role a top priority within our corporate purpose: become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources for “living well” together.

At Eramet, we act to build a robust and agile business model that guarantees the highest level of performance for our customers and places corporate social responsibility at the heart of our activities.

Driven by our aspiration to both fulfil our ambitions and meet the growing need for raw materials, and because our materials provide solidity, durability and aesthetics, we are duty bound to pursue a profound transformation.

Although our vision to make Eramet a committed and contributive corporate citizen remains consistent, our structure, management and methods have changed considerably. As such, our Group aspires to be a larger value creator and an entity that is ever more committed to its employees, communities and all its partners. We should not be afraid of holding ourselves to high standards: that is what the greatest collective efforts thrive on.

Christel Bories, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Eramet Group

Christel BORIES

Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Eramet Group

In both the energy transition and corporate social responsibility, Eramet has been able to anticipate change and is well equipped to support the transition from the oil era to the metal age.


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From mining to products for cutting-edge industries, Eramet is active across all areas of extractive metallurgy, including development and the transformation of high value-added alloys. We're involved at every stage of the life of metals through these world-class assets.

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