The Group

ERAMET is a French mining and metallurgical group and a world leader in alloying metals, particularly manganese and nickel, and in high-quality metallurgy.


ERAMET mines and processes manganese which is essential for producing a key resource: steel. It is the world no. 2 producer of high-grade manganese ore and world no. 1 producer of refined manganese alloys.


ERAMET, the world no. 7 producer of nickel and the world no. 1 producer of ferronickel, is historically a primary supplier, particularly for the manufacture of stainless and special steels.


ERAMET is currently the world no. 2 producer of parts manufactured by high-power closed-die forging. They are intended for the aeronautics and gas turbine sectors.

Other metals

The Group is positioned on promising markets to meet the needs of the modern world. It markets titanium-based products and studies activities centered on lithium for instance.


ERAMET is voluntarily committed to dialog and transparency. In all the regions where it has sites, the Group is making clear commitments and taking measurable actions.


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