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Eramet: 2022 full-year results presentation

Press release

Eramet: Record year with EBITDA above €1.5bn and very strong deleveraging


Eramet: replay of the 2022 half-year results presentation

Eramet key figures (2022)




Adjusted** EBITDA


Free Cash-Flow

* In accordance with the IFRS 5 standard – “Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations”, the Aubert & Duval, Erasteel and Sandouville entities are presented in the Group’s consolidated financial statements as operations in the process of being sold for the 2021 and 2022 financial years
Adjusted EBITDA is presented to provide a better understanding of the underlying operating performance of the Group's activities. Adjusted EBITDA corresponds to EBITDA including Eramet's share of the EBITDA of significant joint ventures accounted for using the equity method in the Group's financial statements.

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27 Apr 2023

Financial results - Finance

Publication of 2023 Group first-quarter turnover

23 May 2023

Shareholders' meeting - Group, Finance

Shareholders’ General Meeting

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  • Sandrine Nourry-Dabi
    Sandrine Nourry-Dabi

    Director of Investor Relations

    Tel: + 33 (0)1 45 38 37 02

Regulated information

  • Eramet: Declaration of shares & voting rights as of February 28th 2023 (in French only)

    Mar 13, 2023 - pdf, 56.44 KB

  • Eramet: Declaration of shares & voting rights as of January 31th 2023 (in French only)

    Feb 20, 2023 - pdf, 56.43 KB