Eramet Purchasing Department

The Eramet Group strives to work with the best international suppliers. These partners are essential to what we do, and while their responsibilities are extremely varied, their purpose is the same: to achieve the Group's performance and innovation objectives, in strict adherence to its ethical and CSR principles.


The Eramet Purchasing Department is organized cross-functionally across several levels, in order to respond to the multitude of challenges raised by the Group's international presence and its varied business activities. Five regional purchasing hubs have been established. Each entity has several networks per subsidiary, located within a distinct geographic region. Buyers are set up close to the ground, and are able to pool together local and regional purchases from categories that are not covered by lead buying.

The 5 purchasing hubs are:

  • the Africa Hub
  • the France Hub
  • the Nordic Hub
  • the Oceania Hub
  • the USA Hub

Map of Eramet purchasing hubs

Infographics of Eramet purchase expenditure by hub

Purchasing segments

With operations on every continent, the Eramet Group uses suppliers specialized in a wide variety of fields. These most notably include suppliers of raw materials, energy, site services, logistical resources, and intellectual services. Each of these general purchasing categories is monitored by lead buyers, who are locally based so that they can stay close to our operations on the ground.

Infographics of Eramet purchase expenditure by category

What we need

The Group's main purchasing categories are themselves broken down into a variety of specific needs, with different, specialized suppliers for each one. As an example, here is a breakdown of the Group's energy needs in 2019.

Infographics of Eramet energy consumption

Pulling together with Eramet in the fight against climate change

The fight against climate change has become a pressing issue for our planet and society. In a momentum to address this issue and contribute to limiting the effects of global warming, Eramet set a target as part of its CSR roadmap to cut its carbon intensity by in 2023 compared to 2018. Since this medium-term target was already achieved in 2021, Eramet has decided to accelerate its roadmap to decarbonisation through a commitment to a Science-Based Target.

This approach, started through the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi), is targeting a reduction in absolute emissions in scopes I and 2 by 2035, compared to 2019. However, such an approach calls for commitment from each and every one of us. Our commitment cannot be limited to our activity alone. We wish to motivate and engage the key players in our value chain in this issue, which is so vital to our planet. As a leading business partner, our suppliers are central to our approach. As such, we would Iike to invite you to support our cause and play your part.

Eramet purchasing, in five figures

2.61 billion euros

of purchases in 2020

19,000 suppliers listed


70 countries

our suppliers hail from

230 top-tier buyers

for the purchasing community

5 purchasing hubs

around the world