Eramet Vigilance plan

The annual publication of its Vigilance Plan enables the Group to report on the policies, actions and results obtained as part of its CSR drive and as a signatory of the UN Global Compact. 

Vigilance plan

In accordance with French law no. 2017-399 of March 27, 2017 on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies, Eramet publishes a vigilance plan setting out how the Group meets the requirements of this legislation (human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, serious environmental damage). The scope of this plan covers all the Group's entities (parent company and directly or indirectly controlled companies) and their suppliers and subcontractors. This scope is described in the chapter of the Group's Universal Registration Document devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Extra-Financial Performance Statement.

Eramet's vigilance plan was published in the Reference Document 2017. Since then, it has been included each year in that publication, together with its implementation report linked to Eramet's annual Extra-Financial Performance Statement.

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Whistleblower system

As part of its ethics and compliance approach, Eramet has deployed a professional alert system that is accessible to all employees and external stakeholders. The system is available in thirteen languages in the 24 countries where the Group operates. It guarantees protection, total confidentiality and anonymity to any whistleblower as defined under the law.

100% of mining sites now have a complaints management mechanism that complies with IFC (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group) expectations.

If you are a victim of or witness to non-ethical behavior, such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, or human rights violations, let us know by clicking HERE or on the button below.