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Our expertise spans all fields of extractive metallurgy, including development and the transformation of high-performance alloys. We focus on innovation, particularly digital, to transform our know-how, our processes and how we approach our activities. From the mine to the end product, and from impact studies to recycling, all stages of this value chain are maximised.
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Innovate &
#Open innovation
#Digital transformation
New processes, innovative procedures, tomorrow's plants…
Our ability to invent – and to reinvent ourselves – is decisive in achieving our sustainable performance objectives. Driven by our R&D teams, this ambitious approach draws on an open innovation culture.
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Exploiting world-class deposits requires proficiency in a wide range of fields. From engineering studies to storing minerals, mineral processing, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and refining metallurgy, we are able to deliver on 140 years of expertise.
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#High-speed steels
#Cutting-edge industries
Shaping a metal involves giving it the mechanical properties necessary for designing products with high added value. High-performance steels, superalloys, high-speed steels, forgings and die-cast parts, etc. are all essential ingredients for cutting-edge industries.
Creating the conditions for sustainable performance requires an exacting approach that meets the most demanding international standards. From ongoing dialogue and initiatives in local communities to conducting extremely rigorous impact studies and preserving and restoring sites, we aim to leave a positive impact on all the environments in which we operate.