Our challenges

Making our contribution to the energy transition, designing the materials of the future, being part of a responsible and sustainable industry, and more. Discover some of the challenges that drive us every day.   


We live in a changing world. Today, there is no longer any choice but to rise to the challenge of the energy transition. At Eramet, we have taken this simple fact to heart and positioned ourselves in the market for metals used for energy storage. We also assess the level of our social engagement from day to day. Our goal is to be a partner that everyone can count on, to have a positive impact on the well-being of people, on their local environment, and on the planet.


Aeronautics, space, energy, healthcare: our high-performance alloys are used in the industries with the highest standards. Our industry may fall into the primary category, but it takes cutting-edge technologies to stay at the top: we use UAVs, autonomous machines, and big data for a variety of purposes in our 4.0 mines and plants.


To always stay one step ahead, our whole strategy is focused on forward-looking projects, whether they are concerned with extracting lithium—the key component of all high-performance batteries—through an innovative process developed by our R&D teams, or designing metal powders to meet the needs of additive manufacturing.