Solidarity against Covid-19: Eramet has kept its commitments

In April, Eramet set up an exceptional solidarity plan and pledged €10 million to combat the health and economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. Read on for an end-of-year assessment.


In April 2020, as the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading rapidly worldwide, Eramet announces the implementation of a Group solidarity plan accompanied by an exceptional allocation of 1.5 million euros. In addition to the 8.5 million euros allocated by the subsidiaries, a total of 10 million euros has been mobilised.

Plan de solidarité Covid-19 d'Eramet : don de masques au Gabon

At the end of 2020, almost all of the Group’s allocation – 1.2 million euros – has already been used:

  • The majority of this allocation helped supporting the subsidiaries which purchase sanitary equipment, food and basic necessities for local stakeholders. This is notably the case for Comilog and Setrag in Gabon, with the distribution of more than 600,000 masks and PPE. In New Caledonia, SLN has distributed more than a thousand sanitary kits and food baskets. Eramine, in Argentina, provided the nearest village with an ambulance. In France, the sites of the Group’s two divisions mobilised extensively to supply more than 100,000 masks and other protective equipment to local residents.
  • The Group has also made financial donations to the benefit of charity and institutional partners working on research against the virus and support for the most destitute people in France. 

Part of this allocation (nearly 300,000 euros) is being kept to continue actions against Covid-19 in 2021.

In addition to this Group allocation, 8.5 million euros have been directly mobilised by the subsidiaries:

  • Comilog and GCO’s support towards public institutions, with the organisation of a medical mission of thirteen doctors and nurses at the Amissa Bongo hospital in Franceville, and support for the Senegalese government’s Force Covid fund, alongside the country’s other mining players. 
  • Some CSR actions by the sites, particularly in Senegal and Gabon, have also contributed to the resilience of communities in the face of the crisis in the areas of health and economy. While annual community investment programmes could not be fully implemented due to health restrictions, some health actions and infrastructure works were maintained or even reinforced. Examples include Comilog’s financing of the Marcel Abeke Hospital in Moanda, Gabon, and the creation of a Samu Social branch in the same town, which has enabled the most disadvantaged populations to have free access to healthcare and medicines during this critical period. In addition, infrastructure construction activities, such as the cobblestone factory in Konda, Gabon, or schools in the Diogo area in Senegal, have made it possible to support local employment in a context of economic crisis.


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More than 22,000 euros for charities thanks to employee donations

Between April and June 2020, Eramet employees also had the opportunity to make a donation to a partner charity. Thanks to their donations and the Group’s matching contribution, more than 22,000 euros were donated to charities fighting the epidemic around the world!