SLN strengthens its CSR approach with an “Office of Communities”

With the opening of a new “Office of Communities”, SLN is taking another step forward in its CSR policy.


Inaugurated on June 27 in Koné, the administrative capital of the North Province, the Office of Communities is the first of its kind and has been created to help SLN develop closer ties with local communities and make them part of the company’s projects. The project marks a new milestone in the company’s CSR policy, designed “to improve how SLN is perceived and change the way we dialogue with these communities,” says Bernard Laflamme, SLN’s CEO. The new office was met with great success! In total, around 60 people took part in the opening ceremony, with a wide range of participants, including representatives from local communities, trade unions and public authorities, partners in research, economic analysis and professional integration initiatives,  as well as other mining and metallurgic companies.

This new milestone is a result of SLN’s commitment to a strong CSR policy which it has been developing for several years. An initial stakeholder mapping was carried out in 2016, which explored their perceptions and expectations. Since then, the company has put CSR at the heart of its business model, whose goal is to improve SLN’s relationship with local communities and authorities by working with all stakeholders. The Koné office is therefore a part of a drive to strengthen the company’s policy and follows the creation of a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility Department led by Jeanne Setiano.