PT WBN: a mine and a plant

World-class nickel mining in less than 2 years

The construction of the mine began in 2017, followed by the start-up of production in 2019. It reaches 3.4 Mwmt of nickel ore in 2020, and 16 Mwmt in 2022.

Located inside the PT IWIP industrial park, the plant operates a pyrometallurgical process and that has 4 electric furnaces. The first metal casting at the joint venture's nickel ferroalloy production plant took place at the end of April 2020, ahead of schedule. In August the same year, the plant reached its nominal capacity (35 kt of nickel ferroalloys per year), ahead of schedule, and produced 23.5 kt of nickel.

In 2022, the plant has produced 40.000 tons of nickel ferroalloys.

The mine's production allowed both to supply the joint venture's plant and to sell ore to other Indonesian producers present on the IWIP industrial park. This vertical model is one of the most competitive approaches in the world.

Prioritizing local employment and the environment

Eramet operates the mine with subcontractors that employ around 8.200 workers with most talents coming from North Maluku. Eramet remains consistent in committing to strong CSR values that position Social Responsibility at the same level as operational and financial performance.

The safety of its employees, subcontractors and surrounding communities is the Group’s number one priority.

1 accident / 12 months

8.200 workers

98% local employment

Eramet indonesia truck safety

Eramet is also committed to social development namely through exemplary training and support for local men and women. The Group is a real catalyst for local development. During the exploration phase in Indonesia, PT WBN developed a long tradition of dialogue with neighbouring communities and local authorities. Its CSR program is based on 4 pillars: education, health, development of local business and infrastructure.

93% local purchases
in 2021

2.9 km of roads built in 2022 to improve access to the Sagea village

30 villages in the vicinity benefitting from CSR programs

In addition to the mining operations, the environmental team is developing its water management to prevent erosion. Eramet has shared its knowledge of revegetation, developed on its other sites around the world.

During the exploration and study phases in 2008, several areas were revegetated and have grown almost as tall as the one of the original forests.

A water monitoring program has been set up at the decanter outlet and in the rivers below.

100.000 seeds per year: this is the capacity of the nursery which has been installed in Lelilef Woebulan and which produces all the necessary plants for the program.

Eramet indonesia mining

CTA Block

Commitment to responsible mining (IRMA)

Eramet has voluntarily joined the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)and has affirmed its ambition to have all its active mining sites audited by 2027.

IRMA and Eramet, along with representatives of the industry and civil society organizations, participated in September 2022 in an industry-focused forum led by the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marves), titled “Introducing IRMA to Indonesian Mining Companies.” In 2023, a self-assessment will be launched on the Weda Bay mine in preparation for the external audit scheduled for 2025.