Open Innovation and Digital: Eramet launches a Hackathon at Viva Technology

Eramet sponsors Hackathon at Viva Technology to improve traceability in metal supply chains.



What do a smartphone and an electrical vehicle have in common? The metals used in their batteries! Their use will grow in the coming years as part of ecological and energy transition. Eramet, world mining and metallurgical Groupe specialist in the extraction and processing of metals (manganese, nickel and lithium) is positioned as a key player in this transition.

Yes for metals, but not at any cost. 

Growing needs in metals and consumers reinforced requirements advocate for an optimal metallic raw materials traceability, including environmental and social matters. In other words, ensure to the consumers that ores and metals from their batteries have been extracted according to the most exacting ethical and environmental standards. It is one of the strategical priorities in Eramet’s digital transformation and the Groupe’s CSR roadmap.

Hack traceability!

Facing these major issues, Eramet proposes a challenge to young hackers from all over the world during their participation the 17th and 18th of May to the Viva Technology Hackathon: “How ensure the traceability of raw metallic materials in an original and innovative way?”


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