A new plant for Electric battery

Eramet ready to play its part in the development of an EV-related industry

Beyond a pioneering role in nickel ferroalloy production in Halmahera, Eramet is now moving forward with it plan to process nickel ore through a new major innovative plant project: a nickel/cobalt hydrometallurgical complex designed to supply the electric battery industry. The project is designed with a production of 60.000t nickel and 7.000 t of cobalt contained in Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP).

Eramet is partnering with BASF to develop HPAL complex that will produce critical materials for the development of batteries that can help the world to reach net-zero.

This project will use the limonite of the mine, the saprolite being used by the pyrometallurgical plants for ferroalloys production. The project will bring added value in optimizing the development of EV ecosystem in Indonesia.

Eramet Indonesia Factory

Eramet has defined all the highest international standards for the project:

  • Complying with highest international Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards: ore production right down to processing and tailing management,

  • Sonic Bay will source sustainable ore from the Weda Bay mine which will operate in accordance with the IRMA standard,

  • Minimizing emissions: Commitment to not using coal power, but instead to reusing steam generated from the process,

  • No to Deep Sea Tailing Placement (DSTP): a strong position on tailing management was taken by Eramet in 2020. Tailings will be managed by the adoption of dry-stack tailing. Progressive rehabilitation is thus made possible.

The development of this deposit is an opportunity for Eramet to expand its product portfolio towards metals critical to the energy transition, a development that is one of the essential pillars of the Group's strategy.

Bruno Faour

General Delegate, Eramet Indonesia

The development of our mining and metallurgical activities in Indonesia has shown how important employment, the environment and local development are to us. It is part of the responsible mining we promote. We now aim to build a nickel and cobalt plant for the electric battery market, which meets the need for the world energy transition.

A comprehensive CSR road map

  • environmental impacts mitigation (water, biodiversity, tailing management),
  • sharing of project economic added value with surrounding areas (local employment, education, development of subcontractor network),
  • support to local infrastructure development (support to local authorities to help with the provision of necessary infrastructure to deal with the rapid development of industrial activities in Weda Bay Nickel: access to fresh water, medical services, traffic management, etc).

Preparing the future

Eramet amplified its global exploration program, including in Indonesia. This worldwide investment aims to find new development opportunities, especially for metals needed for the energy transition.

In Indonesia, Eramet has a dedicated team exploring in different parts of the archipelago.

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