Launch of EcoTitanium project

On December 17th, 2014, the three shareholders in EcoTitanium, including an ERAMET Groupe subsidiary, signed the agreement to launch the project. The aim is to build and operate the first European facility for recycling aviation grade titanium. Upon completion it should enable ERAMET to strengthen its position on the titanium market.


With a plant in Auvergne (France), EcoTitanium will provide the aerospace industry with a new titanium sourcing channel, enabling it to manage its supply better for this strategic raw material.

Three shareholders are involved in the project:

  • UKAD, the project’s industrial leader, with a 43.5% stake;
  • The French state through ADEME (environment and energy management agency) under a stake acquired for the PIA investment programme, with 41.3%;
  • Crédit Agricole Centre France regional bank (15.2%).

The ERAMET Groupe’s participation in the project stems from a partnership between its subsidiary Aubert & Duval, specialised in upscale metallurgy, and the Kazakh company UKTMP, a world leader in titanium sponge production. Since 2011 the two companies have been operating a titanium forging plant through their joint venture UKAD in Auvergne (France).

EcoTitanium addresses a major issue for Aubert & Duval and the ERAMET Groupe. It will enable them to develop new markets and acquire skills in the recycling of titanium and other noble metals with the use of cutting-edge technologies. This project’s implementation will lead to a fully integrated stream for the Groupe, from titanium ore mining to the supply of pre-machined parts, via the recycling of the cuttings generated throughout the manufacturing process.