Shareholders' General Meeting 2021

The General Meeting of 28 May 2021 will be held behind closed doors, without physical attendance of shareholders.
In the absence of shareholders’ physical presence, the remote voting prior to the Meeting (either voting at distance or by giving proxy to the chairman of the meeting – via internet (via the Votaccess website) or by post) will be the only way to cast a vote. Participation via proxies will not be possible, as proxies will not be able to be physically present at the meeting. The voting procedures are detailed in the prior notice of meeting that is available here.

We would like to remind shareholders that they can address any question they might have to the Chairman of the Board of Directors exclusively by email (at Emails must be sent on the second business day prior to the Meeting at the very latest (26 May 2021). 

The Shareholders’ General Meeting will be broadcasted live via a webcast that will be available on this page.