IntegrityLine is one year old: an assessment of the Group’s ethics alert system

In June 2020, the Eramet Group's Ethics & Compliance Department set up a new whistleblowing system: IntegrityLine. Nicole Sourgens, Eramet's Director of Ethics & Compliance, reminds us of the importance of this system, which is required by law, and gives us an assessment of the situation after one year.


How does the IntegrityLine alert system work?

Nicole Sourgens: This system is used to report any inappropriate or serious behavior that violates the law or ethical guidelines, including Eramet's Ethics Charter: corruption, money laundering, fraud, moral or sexual harassment, human rights violations, etc. It is open to all our stakeholders: our employees, suppliers and people outside the Group. It can be accessed on a computer, smartphone, tablet or by phone, in the 20 countries where we operate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in 13 languages. It should also be noted that the system is hosted by an external service provider and places particular emphasis on the protection of whistleblowers, whether they are victims or witnesses.

Why is it so important for Eramet to have this kind of system?

N.S.: As a good corporate citizen and contributor, Eramet has a duty to be and act as a reference in ethics (including anti-corruption) and Human Rights, by offering irreproachable working conditions to its employees and suppliers. This commitment is also part of our CSR roadmap, through objectives 8 and 9: “Set the standard in human rights in our field of activity” and “Be an ethical business partner of choice.” This is why we must make available to our internal and external stakeholders any means of reporting any inappropriate situation or behavior that violates ethics, human rights, safety, health or the environment.

What is your assessment of IntegrityLine’s first year?

N.S.: The effectiveness of our whistleblowing system, both internally and externally, is closely monitored by the Ethics and Compliance Department according to KPIs shared with top management. The number of alerts and their types are in line with the industry benchmark. On the other hand, we are satisfied with the level of employee confidence in our processes since the majority of whistleblowers do not remain anonymous and our external stakeholders are starting to use it.

How to access IntegrityLine?

For more information, a Q&A section is available on the homepage of the IntegrityLine website.