Industry Week shines a light on metallurgical professions

Each year since 2011, Industry Week has been helping to change the public's view of the sector and reinforce the attractiveness of both the industry and its professions thanks to events organized across France. From March 18 to 24, Aubert & Duval, an Eramet subsidiary, participated in this national event by meeting with a large audience. It met close to 200 people.


Inspiring young audiences and job seekers to orient themselves towards these professions was the approach adopted by Aubert & Duval for this 2019 edition:

  • all throughout the week, the Ancizes and Issoire production sites went to meet with students and recent graduates from the technical branches at the Montluçon IUT (University Technology Institute) and the Cournon-d'Auvergne AFPI (Association for Professional Training in Industry);
  • with that same objective of attracting interest and promoting work-study contracts, the UKAD production site opened its workshops to 9th grade students from the Saint Agnès high school in Volvic;
  • the Pamiers production site received a Groupe of job seekers accompanied by Pôle Emploi's Assistant Territorial Director along with the Employment and Training Director for UIMM MP-Occitanie;
  • the UKAD and EcoTitanium production sites welcomed youth from the local mission in search of employment or vocational retraining;
  • an Aubert & Duval and EcoTitanium jobdating event was held in Clermont-Ferrand;
  • and finally, the production sites in Auvergne (Ancizes, Issoire and Clermont-Ferrand) associated themselves with the March 20 Handisup fair in Clermont-Ferrand to encourage the integration of those with disabilities.

This 9th edition of Industry Week was therefore the occasion to shine a light on attractive professions and employment opportunities along with providing an introduction to trades that are often overlooked. Thank you to all the Aubert & Duval teams that participated in highlighting our industry!