Huge success for SLN open days!

ERAMET's subsidiary SLN organised open days on October 9th, 10th and 11th as part of Heritage Month in New Caledonia’s Southern Province. The event was a valuable opportunity for learning and sharing with the theme "Humans and their Environment".

A total of 1,300 people came to Doniambo, SLN's plant in Nouméa.  Many of the unit’s 2,200 employees rallied round to meet visitors, including high school and college students, and answer their questions.

The dates were structured around 3 main activities. First, visitors could tour the artificial hill where SLN has planted endemic and pioneer species from the mining scrublands after operations. Several employees with expertise in mining and environmental subjects accompanied the visitors and informed them about all of SLN’s environmental and mining restoration actions. In addition, they were able to discover the showroom recently set up to present the projects for Doniambo’s development over the next 40 years. It features a hologram of the future electricity plant and a scale model of the industrial site, together with plenty of information on the human, technical and logistical resources called into play for the current and future projects. Finally, a tour of the pyrometallurgical plant helped visitors understand how this metallurgical process - and the nickel industry in general - works.

As a souvenir, every visitor went away with a bamboo pot full of seeds from endemic plants to the New Caledonian coast to grow at home. The idea is for them to come back in two years and replant them on the slag heap to "landscape Doniambo".

The success of the operation mirrored that of Doniambo’s regular open days on the 1st Thursday of each month.