Erasteel, a world leader in high-speed steels

Created by the merger between Commentryenne (a company specializing in vanadium alloys) and the Swedish group Kloster Speedsteel (a pioneer in powder metallurgy), Erasteel is one of the leaders in the field of high-speed steels and the world leader in high-speed steels produced by powder metallurgy.

Söderfors (Sweden): specialized in powder metallurgy steel production, thanks to its gas atomization towers and hot isostatic pressing process. It has a forge and a rolling mill. Its products are sold in the form of ingots, billets and round bars.

Langshyttan (Sweden): specialized in the hot rolling of wire. Its products are sold as wires.

Vikmanshyttan (Sweden): specialized in cold rolling of strips and heat treatment of strips as well as laser wire welding. Its products are sold as coils and strips.

Commentry (France): specialized in the production of high-speed steels. Rolling, and drawing of round bars. Also specialized in the recycling of catalysts and certain batteries.

Champagnole (France): Production of flat and square bars by forging and rolling. It also carries out contract work.

The Tianjin (China) sites has a drawing workshop.

Erasteel's gas atomized metal powders, known worldwide under the ASP® brand, are used for high performance tools and components.
Other steel and alloy powders are sold under the Pearl® brand. These powders are used for high-tech applications.

High-speed steels

High-speed steels are high-alloy steels that offer a complete range of steels with mechanical and physical properties to suit various applications.

Their particularity is, among other things, that they are extremely tough and wear-resistant.

Powder metallurgy

In 2019, Erasteel celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first atomization of metal powders with its flagship brand ASP®.

Using this process, Erasteel produces steels that are stronger than those produced by conventional techniques and also allows the production of more highly alloyed materials with higher quantities of carbide-generating materials. These combinations offer higher wear resistance, greater hardness, superior toughness and excellent polishing properties.

These ASP® grades are used in many high performance applications such as cutting tools for metal, plastic, wood and paper (saws, knives etc.) as well as mechanical components and other cold working tools.

Other steel and alloy powders are sold under the Pearl® brand. These powders are used for high-tech applications.