Covid-19: information and update

Christel Bories, Eramet Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Christel Bories

Eramet Group Chair and Chief Executive Officer

The epidemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to progress throughout the world and some countries are facing a strong 3rd wave, especially with the arrival of new variants. Our priority is to protect our employees, our providers and their familiess as well as all vulnerable people and therefore to do everything we can to curb the epidemic. We also would like to express our complete solidarity to the local people and communities affected by the epidemic.
Sanitary vigilance at every moment, and efficient organization are the only ways to overcome this crisis together.

Map of the world with Eramet colors and the sentence "Covid-19: Eramet teams are committed"

In the current exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Eramet group is fully mobilized to respond to the evolving situation.

The Group's priorities are threefold:

  • Protect the health of all of its employees, providers and their families.
  • Implement and enforce strict health security measures, dictated by the authorities on a global scale, in order to participate in the containment of the pandemic.
  • Ensure business continuity by adapting organizations in close contact with suppliers and customers. 

Regular reviews are conducted regarding the health protocol, implemented on all of the Group’s sites, in an effort to anticipate pandemic developments and to comply with the recommendations of local authorities.

Under these circumstances, all our activities have been operating without any disruptions since Q3 2020 and our teams are still managing business as closely as possible to their markets and customers.

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Follow the evolution country by country

To inform you of the evolution of the situation from a global point of view and in the countries where the Group is established, here is a selection of sites to consult:



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