GCO's website is online!

It’s new, it’s filled with information and pictures and it’s all about GCO: the Senegalese subsidiary’s very first website has just been released. Find out more!


Since its creation in the middle of 2000, GCO had never had a website, which is why this is a first for the Group’s Senegalese subsidiary. The idea is to make it a showcase of its activities and its commitments, and to maximize its digital presence. The website will soon be available in English and in Wolof, and the launch of the LinkedIn and Facebook accounts is imminent.

"This is a 'homemade' project, we’re very proud of it," explains Naba Soumah Cissé, Head of Communications at GCO. "It represents four months of intense work – in the middle of the lockdown in Senegal and in France – hand in hand with the Group Communication Department, the Mining and Metals Division and the IT Department."

The website is part of a new project initiated by Eramet: giving all its subsidiaries the means to optimize their digital communication, and taking advantage of this opportunity to highlight a strong and coherent graphic identity specific to the Group.

Screenshots of GCO's website homepage