Extension of the Moanda mine: Comilog consults local communities

As part of the Moanda mine extension project, Comilog has met local people to present the results of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.

As part of the Moanda mine extension project (Comilog 2020), the main results of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) were the subject of a feedback workshop organized by experts from Golder and Geoguide, engineering offices specialized in the mining sector, and ecological consultancy Biotope.

These public meetings, which attracted more than 500 villagers, were held on February 14 and 15, 2019, at Moanda town hall with the participation of political and administrative authorities from the Lebombi-Leyou department, officials from the Environment, Mines and Agriculture Ministries and Comilog managers.

Every aspect of the project was detailed to show the negative and positive impacts on the physical, biological and human environments. There were many questions, mainly about the project’s impacts on health, animals, development of the town’s infrastructure and pollution.

The conclusions of the ESIA were validated by the signing of the minutes, which include concerns expressed by the community. These results will be closely examined by the Directorate General of the Environment and Nature Protection (DGEPN) before authorizing the start of the project's operations.