, the new showcase for ERAMET Norway

ERAMET Norway, a Groupe subsidiary specialising in manganese alloys, recently switched to a brand new website. It’s designed to inform people about its activities, commitments and units.

News is a showcase for ERAMET Norway. The website plays an essential role in informing neighbours, local authorities, associations and suppliers. It’s also a vehicle for both current and future employees, with a special focus on young people and apprentices.

With the new website, ERAMET Norway is offering more substantial content than in the past, in English as well as in Norwegian. It features information on the company’s organisation and its three plants, Kvinesdal, Porsgrunn and Sauda. A section explains the production process for manganese alloys (ferromanganese, silicomanganese) and their end uses. Another outlines and illustrates the company’s commitments on sustainable development. Human resources topics are also covered.’s graphics were also updated, drawing on ERAMET’s digital visual identity in order to display the company’s belonging to the Groupe.

On the technical side, ERAMET Norway particularly worked on the website’s compatibility with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), which are more and more used to surf the Web.