ERAMET wins 3rd place in Ener.CON 2014 award

The ERAMET Groupe’s Energy policy won an Ener.CON 2014 award last March.

This prestigious European award recognises the most innovative energy-saving projects in the industrial sector. Industry giants were on the podium, with ArcelorMittal in 1st place, Kuwait Petroleum International 2nd and ERAMET equal 3rd with PRAYON S.A.

We look back at a process that enabled ERAMET to won this award.


From the energy-saving process to the Groupe Energy policy

Ore processing is very energy-intensive. So controlling energy costs and consumption, one of the Groupe’s biggest expense items (661M€ in 2013), is a priority. That was the starting point for the energy-saving process that ERAMET launched Groupe-wide in 2006.

First tested on 6 pilot sites, the process was extended to the 28 biggest units, then validated and intensified with the adoption of the Groupe’s Energy policy in 2013. The policy’s aim is to control the units’ energy efficiency and the cost of the energies used. In this way ERAMET can guarantee its activities have the competitiveness needed for profitable, sustainable and responsible growth, while limiting their environmental impact.


Highly positive results for ERAMET’s energy-saving process

Energy saving results for 2006 - 2012 are greatly encouraging, with energy bills cut by 3%, i.e. more than 100 M€ since the process began.

In parallel, the measures reported in EraGreen, ERAMET’s environmental and energy data management tool, show a decrease of around 2% per year in the Groupe’s CO2 emissions.