Eramet strengthens its commitment in Human Rights

By placing respect for human rights at the heart of its CSR performance, Eramet reinforces its commitment by adopting a Human Rights Policy.



The Human Rights Policy was signed on the 15th of April 2019 by all members of the Executive Committee. This unprecedented approach demonstrates Eramet’s management team commitment in Human Rights’ respect :

·         towards employees, for a safe and respectful work environment,

·         with commercial partners, for a responsible value chain development,

·         towards communities, with reduction of impacts and for a positive contribution research.

Several months were needed to draft the Groupe’s Human Rights Policy, following a collaborative approach, initiated both internally and externally to gather comments from the stakeholders and share their vision on the subject.

More than 600 people have participated in the building of this new policy that proves the first step of the ambition of Eramet to be a reference in terms of respect for Human Rights in its sphere of activity.

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