Eramet includes its Purpose in its statutes

Eramet's Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting, which took place behind closed doors on May 28, 2021 in Paris under the chairmanship of Ms. Christel Bories, Chair and CEO of Eramet, approved the registration of the purpose in article 3 of the company's statutes.


Eramet's purpose

Christel BORIES

Chair and CEO

Our purpose sets a course. By including it in the company's statutes, we are taking a decisive step in Eramet’s transformation project, a socially responsible, committed and contributory corporate citizen. Conveying both our DNA and our collective ambition, it fuels our vision and the daily actions of all employees and stakeholders who now bring our purpose to life.

Run as a project, various stakeholders where involved in the development process to define Eramet’s purpose which states the Group’s ambition to "become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth's mineral resources for living well together".

From robust and resistant infrastructures and constructions, to lighter and more advanced means of mobility, safer health instruments and more effective telecommunications devices, metals serve our well-being every day. However, they are also essential for tomorrow's world, as the metals era has now started and aims to find sustainable and responsible solutions for the energy and ecological transition challenges we are faced with.

Through its actions and behaviors, and drawing on its expertise and experience, Eramet, a socially responsible company, aspires to become a reference in how it conducts its business. 

Because we are aware of the challenges facing our planet, we optimize the use of our deposits and ensure that mineral resources are extracted while respecting the environment and biodiversity.   

We believe that transforming the Earth's mineral resources must be responsible, contributory and also inclusive.      

We aspire to maximize the positive impact of our business on local populations and the areas they live in. We continue to develop initiatives in educational support, health promotion and stimulating local entrepreneurship through a relationship based on trust, fueled by dialog and sharing of views. Our metals provide solidity, durability and aesthetics - qualities and essential functions that forge this collective well-being.