Eramet adopts a Groupe approach of skills sponsorship

This Wednesday, January 16th, the Business Alliance for Skills Sponsorship has been launched in Paris. Eramet has signed the Manifesto of Skills Sponsorship carried by the SNCF Foundation (French railway company). The goal is to encourage this practice giving employees the possibility of committing in a citizen action during their working hours.


For Eramet, setting up a system of skills sponsorship means endorsing the societal role of a company: to meet the concrete needs of associations, the Groupe offers its employees to share their know-how during their working hours. It is also a lever for the involvement of its employees in its CSR actions and a response to the need for commitment and meaning in the professional life of some.

The manifesto’ signatories

So far, initiatives have been developed locally: some Eramet employees have for example participated in the development of professional school programs in Norway or in the rehabilitation of school buildings in Gabon. It is now a Groupe-wide initiative, which first of all translates into the signature of this manifesto. Eramet wishes to benefit from the experience of companies from different horizons who already practice skills sponsorship. In this context, the Groupe is committed to developing its skills sponsorship program over the next three years.