Energy and climate: the Norwegian government invests in Eramet Norway's projects

Eramet Norway, the Group's Norwegian subsidiary specializing in the transformation of manganese ore into alloys, has been awarded 12 million euros in funding for two of its climate projects by Enova, a public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment.


Thanks to its long-standing commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and climate, Eramet Norway is among the best companies in its sector with a carbon footprint that is less than 40% of the average.

At the end of March 2023, Eramet Norway was rewarded for its efforts in this area by Enova with a €12 million (NOK 132 million) grant supporting two projects to optimize its energy consumption and minimize its CO2 emissions.

Recovering, transforming, storing

The gas emitted by the pyrometallurgical furnaces of the Sauda plant, which are today in majority flared, generate CO2. The gas also represents a potential source of energy which is currently unused.

To reduce the impact on the climate and optimize its energy consumption, Eramet Norway has been testing a gas engine since 2021, which uses furnace gas to produce electrical and thermal energy. The next step is to install six additional engines to recover as much energy as possible. This full-scale energy recovery unit (ERU) will provide more than 12 MW of power, corresponding to more than 90 GWh per year of electrical energy and about 150 GWh per year of thermal energy.

As for the CO2 present in these gases, Eramet Norway is planning to build a testing pilot that will optimize the performance of the carbon capture process within the metallurgical field. This pilot will also serve to develop a full-scale capture plant which is to be commissioned in 2028. The CO2 captured at the Sauda plant will then be safely transported and permanently stored under the sea bed, in a process known as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

In the future, these two innovative initiatives could be replicated in the Group's other manganese alloy plants in Norway, Gabon, France and the United States, thereby helping to reduce Eramet's greenhouse gas emissions and, why not, benefit other players in the sector.

Bjørn Kolbjørnsen

Chairman of the Board of Eramet Norway and Director of Eramet's manganese alloy activity

“We will lead the way in our industry and be the first producer to reach the Net zero emission goal. Going first involves risk, and to succeed we depend on risk relief. Enova's commitment gives us this, and at the same time the decision demonstrates the Norwegian authorities' willingness to further develop the Norwegian process industry. This is an important signal to us as a global player.”

Nils Kristian Nakstad

CEO of Enova

“These two projects at Eramet Norway Sauda are very promising in terms of the transformation we are facing. They will provide a better utilization of the energy in the furnace gas and a significantly reduced power out-take. The pilot plant will contribute to reducing the risk and costs of future carbon capture plants. Enova supports those who are at the forefront of efforts to reduce emissions and have an efficient energy system. By carrying out these two exemplary projects, Eramet sets a new standard for climate and energy efforts going forward.”

Espen Barth Eide

The Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment

“We need industrial companies that take bold steps to reduce CO2 emissions and use energy more efficiently. Eramet Norway Sauda's plans for increased utilisation of excess heat and piloting of carbon capture are precisely an example of this. All credit to Eramet Norway who takes the initiative and leads the way in the transition to a low-emission society.”