Digital transformation: a new section to discover the Eramet of the future

A new "Digital Transformation" section on the site highlights all the work undertaken by the Group in this approach that projects it into the future.


A new section has taken its place on digital transformation. It reflects the important place that this subject now occupies within the Group. You will find all the information you need on the areas of development initiated by this in-depth transformation, whether in the mine, the plant or logistics, all in version 4.0. Numerous concrete examples in the test phase or in the process of deployment illustrate these ambitions. It is also an opportunity to look ahead to Eramet's future, to produce more and better in response to the growing demand for metals, in a context of ecological and energy transition.

Screenshot of website's new section "Digital Transformation"

A transformation initiated in 2017

This section highlights all the work undertaken by the Group in favor of digital transformation. Initiated in 2017, it mobilized all employees to identify ideas and link them with the strategic plans of the divisions. From there, more than 300 projects accompanied by the Digital Transformation teams were born. "To me, the term 'transformation' seems essential to summarize our approach, because it expresses our desire to evolve in order to project ourselves into the world of tomorrow. Digital technology is a tremendous lever for achieving this and creating new opportunities," explains Ludovic Donati, Digital Transformation Director of the Eramet group.

A collective approach

From the outset, the approach has been based on a "test and learn" logic: completing a project fairly quickly, executing it on a small strategic perimeter and, if successful, deploying it on as many sites as possible where it makes sense. The Group's Information Systems Department was mobilized from the start to make technical and technological choices to support this approach, whether by moving to the cloud or by setting up the digital factory to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence in the projects of the various departments. "More generally, we must emphasize the collective strength of all the departments that have invested in and taken up the subject, because they are aware of what is at stake for the Group," emphasizes Ludovic Donati.

Employees, customers and communities involved

It must be said that the digital transformation goes much further than simply integrating innovative tools. According to Ludovic Donati, "it involves a profound change in the Group's culture to project itself into the Eramet of the 21st century, an Eramet which is aware of its environment and its global ecosystem." This involves all employees and takes into account their managerial level and skills, since a topographer can also become a drone pilot, for example. But customers, partners, service providers and even the communities in which the Group is present are also concerned. For example, Eramet supports an ecosystem of start-ups in Gabon, New Caledonia and France. Digital transformation has also enabled the use of telemedicine at the Marcel Abéké hospital in Moanda (Gabon).

A strength to attract talents

Digital transformation also appears to be an attractive force for new talents, who want to work in an industry with a positive impact and which is immersed in the digital era in terms of its mindset and methodologies, which are leaner, more cross-functional and agile. "Moreover, this approach is spreading more and more rapidly within the company, particularly because we provide training on the subject, especially to many managers, so that they can take hold of the subject," concludes Ludovic Donati.