Digital revolution: Eramet shares its ambition

For the last eighteen months, Eramet is developing a global digital transformation approach. As a part of the Groupe's strategy, digitalization is a great opportunity to reinvent itself.

Much like an interconnected nature, in constant evolution, Eramet, an International Mining and Metallurgical Groupe, is adapting to today’s world… Thus begins the film "Eramet Digital Revolution" which uses 3D in order to look Eramet five years in the future and which allows to see a modern company, in symbiosis with its environment and its employees.

Cost reduction, better productivity, new collaborative ways of working, Eramet's vision of transformation integrates digital as a major lever of growth and performance, a great opportunity to do better and differently. 

To design its transformation, Eramet relies on a cross-functional digital team with twenty employees around the world; they meet men and businesses, in the factories and on the sites, to test the efficiency and the performance of the new technological solutions. It shows the essential role of data and its processing in real time, wherever the Groupe is present. Eramet has indeed at its disposal a considerable amount of data (geological data, planning, extraction, metallurgical data from furnaces and plants ...) that shall be valued for flow and processes optimization and employee safety.

"Digital technology is an opportunity for competitiveness and attractiveness, but also for improving the security of our employees and our businesses," said Christel Bories, CEO of Eramet.