CSR brochure: the Eramet group reports on the progress on its commitments

Despite a difficult health context, Eramet continued its actions in 2020 in line with its CSR commitments. To find out more, we invite you to discover our new CSR brochure!


In this very special period in terms of the health context, the Group has made it a point of honour to pursue its CSR actions in the areas of safety, diversity, ethics and human rights, the circular economy, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, and the reduction of emissions... A necessary commitment to continue to meet the current ecological and energy challenges.

Picture of Eramet's CSR brochure

A brochure showing the commitments

Eramet has created this CSR brochure to highlight and illustrate the commitment of teams in all the Group's subsidiaries. It covers the three main areas of the CSR roadmap (Committed to women and men; Committed to a responsible economy; Committed to the planet) and reviews the major actions and advances in each area in 2020.

As highlighted by Christel Bories, Chair and CEO of the Eramet group, "this brochure shows how far the Group has come in terms of CSR. It does not propose a catalog of declarations, but concrete achievements. A progress report in relation to the targets we have set ourselves. It is not the time for grand speeches but for action."

CSR performance index in line with objectives

While the health context has affected the achievement of some objectives, for example in the area of training, the CSR roadmap has been followed overall, and even moved ahead. Several objectives have in fact exceeded their annual milestone in 2020, such as the objectives for the recovery of materials through the circular economy action plan and the reduction of the energy and climate footprint.

The CSR performance index, which each year measures the overall average progress of the roadmap with regard to the various actions, has in fact reached the level of 102! This performance has not gone unnoticed: in 2020, the Wall Street Journal also ranked Eramet in its top 100 best-managed companies in terms of sustainability.

Actions for 2021 and beyond

Of course, there is still a great deal of progress to be made in the areas to which the Group has chosen to commit itself: safety, community involvement, recycling, control of atmospheric emissions, preservation of water resources and the rehabilitation of mining sites, and improvement of the Group's energy and climate footprint.

In 2021, "we want to maximize our positive impact: developing education and supporting entrepreneurship and the local economy. And always pay the utmost attention to the environment and biodiversity. Our sector is still very male-dominated, and we have a goal to increase the number of women: more gender diversity means more creativity and therefore better performance. With Eramet’s purpose, our CSR roadmap sets a course for the entire company. Our goals are ambitious, but it is absolutely essential that we achieve them," adds Virginie de Chassey, Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility at Eramet.