COMILOG produced 4 million tons of manganese in 2017

For the first time since the start of its industrial adventure in 1962, Compagnie Minière de l'Ogooué (Comilog), a subsidiary of the ERAMET Groupe in Gabon, produced and exported 4 million tonnes of manganese in 2017.


This historic record crowns the efforts made, for almost a decade, by all the employees of the first mining industry in Gabon. The company's activity thus recorded a good increase compared to 2016, when production was 3.4 million tonnes. A performance that the general direction of the company puts on the asset "results of safety better than in 2016, concerning the accidents with stops." With this production record, the ERAMET Groupe strengthens its position as world leader in the manganese industry and allows to reap positive financial results at a time when ore prices are relatively high. The good performance of the global steel industry, whose production of carbon steel, the main outlet for manganese, has increased significantly (4.5% in 2017), should consolidate this success in 2018.