Aubert & Duval, the strategic materials specialist

With over 100 years' experience, Aubert & Duval positions itself as a strategic supplier of critical materials and parts for the most exacting industries: aviation, space, nuclear, defense and energy.

This positioning draws on an offer that brings together:

  • A set of unique industrial equipments in France and Europe (vacum furnace for thepreparation of superalloys and special steels, plant for the preparation of aviation-grade titanium, closed-die and open-die forging presses spanning a wide range of power, furnaces for heat treatment),
  • The ability to secure supplies of critical materials such as special steels, superalloys and titanium for the French and European industries,
  • An integrated offering, from developingmaterials to transforming them into a finished product,
  • R&D proficiency, which is key in meeting tomorrow's challenges in the design and transformation of materials, combined with long-standing and world-renowned metallurgical expertise.

Aubert & Duval's activities are spread across seven main sites and four joint ventures:

  • Les Ancizes (France): design and preparation of steels and superalloys, hot forming by forging, rolling and heat treatment,
  • Pamiers (France): hot forming by forging, closed-die forging (steel, superalloys, titanium) and heat treatment,
  • Issoire (France): design, hot forming by forging and closed-die forging (aluminum), and heat treatment,
  • Interforge (France): hot forming by closed-die forging, (steel, superalloys, aluminum, titanium) and heat treatment,
  • Firminy (France): hot forming by forging and heat treatment,
  • Imphy (France): cold treatment processesand powder metallurgy,
  • Irun (Spain): vacuum-assisted gas atomization of fine powders for additive manufacturing in superalloys,
  • EcoTitanium (France): a JV between UKAD, the ADEME (French environment and energy conservation agency) and Crédit Agricole Centre-France to prepare aviation-grade titanium alloy barsfrom recycled scraps and chips,
  • UKAD (France), a JV with UKTMP (Kazakhstan) to forge titanium bars and semi-finished products (bars, billets, etc.),
  • MKAD (France), a JV between Aubert & Duval and Mecachrome for the final machining of titanium parts,
  • SQuAD (India), a JV with the Indian company Aequs Pvt.Ltd for the closed-die forging of small aviation parts.

Aubert & Duval's metallurgical expertise covers

Die-cast parts…

Closed-die forging involves heating special steel, superalloy and aluminum and titanium alloy parts through forging, closed-die forging and rolling. Aubert & Duval is one of the top three producers of high-power die-forged parts for aviation and space structures, aircraft engines, landing gears and land turbines. It is also one of the only producers to die-cast these four types of materials.

Forged parts…

Aubert & Duval is one of Europe's leaders in forged parts such as ingots, round bars, square bars, shafts, tubes and forged hollow parts.

These special steel, titanium alloy and superalloy parts are produced from forging (using presses weighing up to 4,500 tons) and heat treatments (using furnaces). They are intended for the most demanding applications such as aviation, the nuclear industry, defense and the marine industry.

Long products…

Aubert & Duval's bars, flat products, ingots and wires made from high-performance steels and nickel-based alloys are intended to be transformed or machined, and are key components in aviation, the medical industry, defense, nuclear power, hot tools, transportation and motor sport.

Metal powders…

With its metallurgical expertise and solid experience in powder atomization, Aubert & Duval is a renowned supplier of fine metal powders used in additive manufacturing (addition of material).

These powders are manufactured by argon atomization (solidification of fine drops of gas at high pressure) or by melting in a vacuum induction furnace. They are sold under the Pearl®Micro brand for exacting markets such as aviation and energy.

Key figures

  • 1907: date of the foundation of Aubert & Duval in Paris
  • 17: the number of closed-die and open-die forging presses at Aubert & Duval, ranging in power from 1,200 to 65,000 tons
  • 4,000 employees in total
  • World's second-largest producer of high-power press-forged parts