Development projects

Manganese in Gabon, lithium in Argentina, rutile in Cameroon… we are convinced that sustainable value creation means choosing ambitious development projects, in terms of expected economic performance as well as in the way we integrate social and environmental requirements into them.


These major projects crystallise Eramet's desire to create value sustainably. This goal is the driving force behind our investment choices: in lithium, which is a resource of the future and a key component in the manufacture of electric car batteries for example; and in expanding our manganese mining site, which will enable us to assert our global benchmark position on this market for several decades. 

As well as improving our long-term performances, these projects are aligned with our desire to be a socially aware and committed company that makes a contribution. Despite their differences, both are emerging by adopting similar working methods focused on continuous dialogue with all stakeholders and respect for the most exacting environmental and social standards.

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