SLN stands by Vanuatu victims

SLN is aware of the critical situation that the population of Vanuatu is in following the damage caused by cyclone Pam. The ERAMET Groupe’s New Caledonian subsidiary is rallying to rescue and support victims.


In the night of March 13th to 14th, cyclone Pam devastated the islands of the Vanuatu archipelago, causing several deaths and great damage. From New Caledonia a few hundred kilometres away, SLN wanted to show solidarity and provide relief for the victims.

The New Caledonian company rallied to help through several actions:

  • Donating 2 million CFP to the New Caledonian Red Cross, which is coordinating aid for Vanuatu from NC to meet emergency needs.
  • Providing its corporate physician, who is also qualified in emergency medicine, for an assignment of around 10 days in Vanuatu.
  • Calling on employees to donate food, clothing, building materials, etc. to authorised organisations or at designated collection points.

Moreover, SLN is involved in organising a solidarity day on Saturday, March 21st for the benefit of the population of Vanuatu.