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Eramet Nickel is a producer that extracts nickel ore from its mines in New Caledonia and transforms it locally into ferronickel (FeNi) at its Doniambo plant. The Sandouville plant in France transforms nickel matte into very high-purity nickel metal and salts.

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Step 1: Ore extraction

SLN operates six mining centers in New Caledonia:

  • Thio;
  • Kouaoua, one of the world's largest deposits;
  • Népoui, located in the heart of the Kopéto mountains;
  • Tiébaghi;
  • Etoile du Nord;
  • Poum, in the extreme north of the island of Grande-Terre.

The ore extracted from these deposits contains nickel and cobalt.

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Step 2: Ore transformation

At Doniambo (New Caledonia), the ore is unloaded from three ships chartered all year by SLN to provide the link to the mining centers. The ore is unloaded and then stored in blending units, dried, charred by smelting reduction and then processed as follows:

  • 80% is used to produce ferronickel;
  • the remaining 20% is used to make nickel matte.


Step 3: Ferronickel marketing

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Step 3a: Nickel matte transformation at Sandouville

The Sandouville plant (France) applies a hydrometallurgy process to transform the matte received from its Finnish supplier and recovers the nickel, cobalt and iron it contains. It then produces:

  • very high purity nickel metal (99.99% Ni);
  • very high purity nickel chloride (NiCl2) in crystallized, liquid and anhydrous form;
  • very high purity nickel carbonate (NiCO3);
  • liquid cobalt chloride (CoCl2);
  • liquid ferric chloride (FeCl3).

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The rest of the matte, which is composed of copper and platinum-group metals, is sent back to Finland for recovery.


Step 4: Production at Eurotungstène

The Eurotungstène plant in Grenoble (France) produces tungsten and cobalt powders.

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Step 5: Markets

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Step 6: End-applications


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