Let the best young scientist win!

The call is out there: Eramet Ideas is inviting PhD students specializing in extractive metallurgy to take part in a scientific competition which ends on January 17.


The beginning of a future collaboration? Eramet Ideas is inviting young scientists to submit their theses to a competition taking place from October 28 through January 17. Their thesis must discuss extractive metallurgy – the technique of creating a metal from its raw ore and producing alloys.
The aim? To unearth novel and innovative solutions to Group research issues with the fresh eyes of talent from other walks of life. This competition is part of the open innovation approach led by the Eramet center of excellence which is looking to innovate through knowledge sharing or collaborations with laboratories, universities, SMEs and more. The competition is thus open to all candidates belonging to a European Union institution.

The competition panel is made up of Eramet Ideas experts and Merete Tangstad, a member of the Innovation Council, the network of international experts outside the Group. Following the submission of applications, the candidates' theses will be examined by the panel and judged on their scientific quality, industrial relevance and multidisciplinary nature.

Early next year, the long-awaited meeting will finally take place and the five best candidates will have the opportunity to present their theses to the panel at Eramet Ideas, and visit the Trappes site. The lucky winner will receive 5,000 euros.

Do you want to discover the platform? to register? Click on the link below: