Our mining and metallurgy business drives us to commit to being an ethical business. Making ethics, responsibility and sustainable development the core component of our operations is the most effective way to achieve our goal of sustainable performance.

Social and environmental responsibility: sights on 2023

A commitment only has meaning if it leads to concrete action. To ensure optimal effectiveness, we've developed a roadmap that sets specific goals to be achieved by all our teams by 2023. This document acts as a framework for our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In total, there are thirteen priorities broken down into three core strategic areas, the frontline implementation of which is closely monitored by our CSR Committee.

Make a commitment to people

  • 1. Ensure the health and safety of employees and subcontractors

  • 2. Enhance skills, promote talents and career development

  • 3. Strengthen employee commitment
  • 4. Incorporate and foster diversity as a valuable contribution
  • 5. Be a valued and contributing partner to our host communities

In 2023
(goal no.5)

A mechanism at all of our sites for dialogue with local stakeholders

An investment programme at all of our sites for contributing to local development, with a focus on youth initiatives

Responsibly contribute to the economy

  • 6. Become a leader in the metals involved in the energy transition, including supplying electric transport batteriesAgir activement pour le développement de l'économie circulaire

  • 7. Actively contribute to growing the circular economy

  • 8. Become a benchmark for human rights in our sector of business

  • 9. Be the preferred ethical partner

  • 10. Establish ourselves as a benchmark responsible company in the mining and metallurgy industry

By 2023
(goal no.7)

2 Mt of dangerous waste and low-grade minerals recycled over the 2019-2023 period through innovative actions.

10 Kt of waste recycled instead of going to landfill from 2019 to 2023 through innovative actions.

Make a firm commitment to the planet

  • 11. Cut our air emissions

  • 12. Accelerate the restoration of our mining sites by fostering biodiversity

  • 13. Reduce our energy and climate footprint

By 2023
(goal no.11)

80% fewer tonnes of channelled dust emitted versus 2018

26% less CO2 per tonne of product output versus 2018

To learn more about Eramet's CSR approach, consult the Group's CSR roadmap, CSR report and CSR press pack:


Ethics & Compliance: actively defend our values

Our areas of activity and our international positioning mean we are extremely vigilant about fully complying with regulations and ethical standards. That's why our Ethics Charter meets the most stringent standards in all areas: anti-corruption, conflict of interest management, fraud, protection of human rights, etc. A specific governance system has been implemented within the Group and is steered by several bodies and tools designed to ensure strict application.

The Ethics and Compliance Department

Since 2018, Eramet's Ethics and Compliance Department has been responsible for ensuring that laws, regulations and standards are followed within the Group. A dedicated organisation is active on a daily basis and closely interacts with various key players in the Group, such as the Audit and Internal Control Department and the Legal Department, supported by the Communications and Sustainable Development Department.

To provide the best possible support to employees and deliver maximum effectiveness, the Department focuses on close interaction with frontline stakeholders. This involves meeting employees around the world to educate and train them in often complex subjects. In addition to routinely interacting with the company's managers, the Department also communicates with the employees most affected by these issues: Sales reps, purchasers, salespersons, division directors...

Liaisons on the frontline

Employees all around the world communicate the work of the Ethics and Compliance Department.

  • 12 Compliance and Ethics managers with a primarily legal or financial background work to ensure that the Ethics Charter is followed in their respective areas. In direct liaison with the Ethics Department, they receive alerts from employees and ensure they are escalated internally.
  • 50 Compliance and Ethics ambassadors: on each site, a trained employee is responsible for educating and supporting employees facing ethical dilemmas.

Universal tools

  • A new whistleblowing system available to all employees as well as external stakeholders will ensure that the Group is made aware of ethical issues. Available worldwide in the twelve main languages spoken in the Group, this process is outsourced to ensure full transparency, confidentiality and protection for whistleblowers.
  • A system for reporting gifts and other conflicts of interest will also be introduced shortly for employees.

  • Resources regularly updated online, including the strictest standards and in particular specific policies and an anti-corruption guide providing a practical approach to the subject, along with a practical Q&A series for employees.